Queries Re selling my Polo

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Queries Re selling my Polo

Ungelesener Beitragvon kaizmoto1489 » 4. Jun 2021, 05:13


First time I've ever used a forum.

I have a D reg Mk1 Polo Breadvan. The car runs fine just under 90k miles. I am the second registered owner.

I'm looking to sell as I've just got a new job and I'll be doing in excess of 20k a year and I have just found the polo has a small leak in the fuel tank (petrol tank filler neck) so I've decided to sell.

Has had some welding done and I think the head gasket and some other jobs. Car is in OK condition for its age however paint is dull in places and about 4inch scratch and bump on front Left side where the wheel is.

Other problems include.
- Drivers window doesn't wind down. I broke this recently trying to wind it down when it was iced up.
- front wipers work but juttery. I don't know if this is the motor or blades.
- Back wiper doesn't work. Never needed it too so no idea what that is.
- Black plastic on door cards has come away mostly. Again this never bothered me.
- Someone tried to pick the boot lock. Unsuccessfully and the lock still works.

Obvious with signs of aging.

What realistically should I be asking for it price wise?

I would never blind side someone with withholding information. This is all an honest discription of the car.

Please could anyone give me any information about this as I've had a little look about on ebay and classic car John ect all those sites. Not sure best place to sell.


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